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EcoEggs by Lockwood Farms


The chickens at Lockwood Farms enjoy Black Soldier Fly grubs to give them a more traditional diet. They are housed in wide-open barns with 24/7 access to nutritional feed and fresh water, and given access to outdoors (weather permitting). 

Lockwood Farms is located in Cobble Hill, BC. Each egg is candled, washed and weighed in a Canada Food Inspection Agency certified facility, so every egg is safe for everyone to enjoy.

"What is an EcoEgg?
Since 2018 we have fed sustainably raised, Canadian-grown Black Solider Fly Larvae to our hens in their daily rations. We have always kept soy out of their feed for several reasons, but predominantly because the Amazon basin is being de-forested for soy crops to feed North American livestock. While we knew we could get Canadian grown soy, we also knew that we could find a better solution. Leaving soy out of their feed presented challenges in getting enough protein in their feed. We have always used a good blend of flax, peas and lentils to do this. We started to research insect protein in 2016, and we came across Enterra Feeds, a company based in Langley BC, that was producing Black Solider Fly Larvae (BSFL), on 100% pre-consumer waste, with zero water inputs! It was PERFECT!! Yet we had to wait for approvals to be put in place before we could get it into our feed. In 2018 we were able to start. It has been much trial and error. Feeding bugs to chickens should not be such a revolutionary idea, yet in practical application for us, it is like being the first person to drive an electric car.

Why is insect protein so sustainable?
It is a protein grown from pre-consumer waste (produce from grocery stores) that is diverted from landfills. Through the process, plastics are separated out and recycled properly. There is NO water added, so there is no strain on wells or city water. The larvae produce a 'fras' that is excellent compost. Then there is this basic stat: 1 acre of land can produce 900lbs of edible soy protein, 1 acre of land can produce upwards of 130,000lbs of BSFL protein! Insects absolutely are the food of the future. For now, we would rather feed them to our hens and enjoy eggs instead."

-Cammy and James Lockwood

Lockwood Farms

Cammy and James Lockwood began Lockwood Farms in 2011 with James' late father, Barry Lockwood. They started with 399 laying hens and a few rows of vegetables. They now have 4250 free-range laying hens, and include the Black Soldier Fly in their diet.

"Insects are a very natural part of a hen's diet, yet conventional feed has not included insect protein" the Lockwoods note. "We believe this is the way of the future and are so excited to be pioneering this feed in our industry."

In March 2019, they received the BC & Yukon Outstanding Young Farmers award, which recognizes farmers who exemplify excellence in their profession and promote the tremendous contribution of agriculture.

"We are not trying to be better than anyone else, we just want to be better at what we do; more knowledgeable, better stewards, better parents, better citizens, better friends, better owners, better employers, and better farmers." - Cammy and James Lockwood

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